SW Challenge Coin Holders

Challenge coin holders for Imperial or Rebel
these are made to fit 2 challenge coin sizes:
1-1/2 inch Challenge Coin($17.50 US)
1-3/4 inch Challenge Coin($20.00 US)
(Add $4.00 shipped in the continental US.)
(Add $13.50 for international orders)
(Bulk shipping out of country can save you a lot on shipping these
consider placing a multi-piece order by contacting me at ghost.of.steampunk@gmail.com)
Comes with brass ring and 3 brass screws to lock front in place
after you put your own challenge coin into it (Challenge coins not included)

These are great to put on your own chain and wear around your neck
(So the enamel stops rubbing off the coins in your pocket)
or as a gift for a Christmas ornament
Imperial or Rebel

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